Dr. Suzanne Labrie BSc (Chiro),(Biochem/Pharm/Anat) Hons, Master of Chiropractic


Dr. Suzanne Labrie is the Director of Pure Health Chiropractic Clinic and Pure Health Solutions in Australia. She is a highly respected Chiropractor with more than 22 years experience. She uses Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) on a daily basis with all her patients, along with Applied  Kinesiology and other standard chiropractic treatments in her clinical practice.

She is passionate about NET and truly believes that it is key to overcoming our modern day health care challenges and that it has transformed her life for the better.

Suzanne’s other interests are in teaching and providing pure nutrition, and with the Pure Health Solutions branch of her company, she has specialised in running seminars in nutrition for other health care practitioners across Australia and New Zealand since 2010.

She is a published author of The Nutrition Code, a Number 1 Amazon best seller,  which is an indispensable guide to mapping out nutritional imbalances and supporting the body to heal through effective supplementation.

With a scientific background in Biochemistry, Pharmacology and a passion for optimum health and holistic healing, Dr. Labrie aims at combining the best of both worlds.

Dr Aniita Vytheeswaran

Dr. Renee Baysari BSc (Chiro), M.Chiro


Dr Renee Baysari graduated from Macquarie University with a Master of Chiropractic. Renee brings a holistic approach to her treatments incorporating manual adjustments, soft tissue therapy, dry needling and Neuro Emotional Technique.

Since becoming a mum, Renee has undertaken further studies in Paediatric Chiropractic, enabling her to empower herself and other parents with knowledge to support children’s growing minds and bodies. 

Renee is dedicated to continued learning and exploring new ways to encourage better health for herself and her clients. She is always looking to offer more and works closely with individuals to support their specific well-being needs.

Dr Aniita Vytheeswaran


Clinic Manager

Carissa’s journey into natural health care began over 10 years ago when she worked for one of the UK’s leading health care companies.

Carissa is an inaugural member of Pure Health Chiropractic providing support for the team and our wonderful clients since 2012.

I love that I can combine my passion for health and well-being with my work. I get so much satisfaction seeing the positive impact chiropractic care has on people’s lives and I am proud to work alongside such passionate and exceptional healthcare professionals.“